New students : First lesson free without obligation in private or group lessons.

Regular students : One lesson free if you recommend a new student who commits for several lessons after the first lesson.

Please note : if you can't attend your lesson, please, inform us by email or phone at least 48 hours beforehand. Otherwise you will need to pay for the lesson.

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As a linguist I know the problems you may encounter in learning French. My aim is always to encourage and help you overcome any fears and doubts about learning and, above all, using French to communicate with all the people around you.

Normandy French Tuition
is lively and progressive using a wide range of teaching aids : pronunciation software, French newspapers and magazines, audio and video recordings, the internet, etc.
No need to buy any books, 
Normandy French Tuition provides you with written lessons and work sheets designed from its teaching experience and included in the fees.

private lessons
in Flers, 61                    > > View Map
From 8:30AM to 5PM Monday to Friday by previous arrangement. Private lessons need to be booked a week in advance.
Whether your aim is to be able to chat with your neighbours, to find a job in France or whether your child needs help with his/her homework, private lessons are the quickest and most flexible way to learn French. 

Private lessons can be held in the centre of Flers in a warm and informal atmosphere with coffee and tea provided. The standard lesson length is one hour once a week although longer and more frequent lessons can be arranged depending on how quickly you want to learn French. For instance, if your stay in France is limited, an intensive course can be arranged. 

Normandy French Tuition proposes a wide range of French grammar, verbs, vocabulary, pronunciation, French culture, conversation and comprehension topics. But, you are free to suggest other topics you need or you are interested in. 

Normandy French Tuition sometimes goes out with you to support you in applying what you’ve learnt, on the spot : shopping at the market, asking for information at the tourist board…

After evaluating your current knowledge of the French language and discussing your needs and aims, we will plan a personalized program together. With one to one lessons, you gain the maximum personal attention you need to advance quickly and confidently at your own pace.

It is a great way to learn French with your partner or a friend.
You’ll be able to practice your French together and to encourage each other. Moreover, it will work out cheaper than learning on your own.

You could also start your own group with friends or relatives. The lessons will be more intimate, livelier and even cheaper.

Pay for 10 lessons = Get one lesson free.

classes in your area 

Weekly group lessons are a good opportunity to learn French in a lively lesson near your home at a reasonable cost. It also gives you the chance to meet new people in a similar situation.

Normandy French Tuition
caters for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced. To give personal attention to each student, Normandy French Tuition limits the number of people in a class to not more than 10 students, at all approximately the same level.

The learning programme is proposed by your tutor and guided by the group consensus. Although we deal with French grammar, verbs, pronunciation and culture, the emphasis is on oral communication to help you in your day-to-day life. Activities such as simulations and role-play will be proposed to improve your listening and speaking skills : at the hairdresser, at the doctor, at the restaurant, at the shopping in a French supermarket, on the telephone, etc.

Groups are available, once a week in Manche, Calvados and Orne :

, 61
-- monday Morning 

Intermediate : 9:30-10:30 -- Advanced 10:40-11:40
Location : at the Mairie

RÂNES, 61 -- Tuesday afternoon
Location :
at the Mairie (Le Château)

, 61
-- Tuesday morning

Beginner 9:30-10:30
Location : in Flers town centre (at Normandy French Tuition)

, 14
-- Friday morning 

Beginner 10:00-11:00 -- Intermediate 11:10-12:10
Location :
at Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture - 1 rue des Halles
Salle 201 (MJC)

SOURDEVAL, 50 -- Friday afternoon
Beginner 14:00-15:00 -- Intermediate 15:10-16:10
Location :
at Zebra Café, rue de Verdun.

For further information, please contact Gaelle

conversational  groups

Conversation groups are held in Flers, every two Fridays afternoon (duration 1 hour).

If you want to pratice your spoken and listenning French, in an informal atmosphere, join the conversational groups.

intensive sessions
Please click here to see programme and dates 

The intensive sessions consist of workshops, for small groups, focusing on a specific topic. 

Several sessions are available over the year to help improve your everyday life vocabulary and conversation. They are practical and aimed at helping you to cope with daily situations whatever your level in French.

They are held in Flers, in a relaxed atmosphere, and last 2 hours with a coffee or tea break. During these sessions we study the chosen topic all together and then you are encouraged to practice your newly acquired knowledge through simulations and role play, as in real life.

“When I moved to France, I could just about order a coffee and discuss the weather. Now I have the confidence to have a conversation about politics, the state of the economy, or even the size of my wood stack – all thanks to Normandy French Tuition.” 

Saint Bomer Les Forges, 61

[Private lesson in Flers]

“ Madame Gaelle Napoléon has been my French teacher for the last 10 months on a weekly basis during this period. On starting I could only remember six words in French from my old school lessons aged 12yrs, which is an extremely long time ago. My progress has been due to a one to one lesson where there is the ability to go at my own pace and understanding. Gaelle shows such empathy when I feel that I cannot do it and manages to persuade you otherwise and give you the spree you need to continue. I am now able to understand what those around me are saying and can translate what is written which makes such a difference to living here.” 

Wendy, Saint Christophe de Chaulieu, 61 [Private lesson in Flers]

“Gaelle is a very approachable and competent tutor, and we are gaining confidence in our spoken French with every lesson. It is brilliant finding out the correct French expressions for everyday use from someone who uses them everyday !”

Judi & Jonathan,
Saint Germain de Tallevende,14

[Group Vire]

Basse Normandie
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