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“Thank you so much for your lessons. They were always enjoyable, interesting, amusing and added to which I always learnt something. My French improved immensely. Thank you, you are a great teacher. I hope I can continue my lessons with Skype.” Jeanna, moving back to UK - One to one & Group lessons 

I had spent a number of years learning French at home with C.D. courses and was unhappy with my progress. I decided to take one to one lessons with Gaelle four months ago. In this short time I have been very surprised and pleased with my progress. She is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, patient and a great motivator. My confidence has grown to the extent that I am finally happy to use my French in public and even make and answer phone calls. Such is my confidence, that I have little doubt after twelve months I should be able to cope with the majority of day to day French contact and conversation. My only regret is that I did not meet her sooner.  Michael BAKER- Saires-La-Verrerie,61 - One to one  lessons 

Having not spoken French for some years, I suddenly found that I needed to entertain some French guests, who spoke little English. I looked in France magazine for a short refresher course. There were many advertised, so I chose the nearest to England . What a lucky choice it was. Gaëlle Napoléon adapted her busy schedule to fit me in. She welcomed me warmly, has a sympathetic approach and quickly identified my weaknesses. Clear explanations followed, and reminders were written for me to take back to England with me. A very good teacher, it also helped that Gaëlle obviously enjoys her work. My confidence quickly returned, and after my short stay, I came away totally satisfied. 
David, UK 
Individual intensive course

“Normandy French Tuition successfully helped me gain my DELF qualification in just 3 months! I’d recommend them any time.” 
Richard, Domfront, 61 - 
One to one lessons 

“When I moved to France, I could just about order a coffee and discuss the weather. Now I have the confidence to have a conversation about politics, the state of the economy, or even the size of my wood stack – all thanks to Normandy French Tuition.” Karen, St Bomer les Forges, 61 - One to one lessons & Group Lonlay

We have been having private lessons with Gaëlle for the past 6 months, being the third tutor we have tried. The lessons are plenty of content and variety and set in a friendly and relaxed manner. We have made good progress taking home extra work upon request, endorsing the subjects covered in the lesson along with covering day to day living in France. We would highly recommend Gaëlle to anyone wishing to learn French. Tracy & Joan, Beauvain 61 - Two to one lessons

“Gaelle is a very approachable and competent tutor. We are gaining confidence in our spoken French with every lesson. It is brilliant finding out the correct French expressions for everyday use from someone who uses them everyday !”
Judi & Jonathan, Saint Germain de Tallevende,14 - Group Vire

“I am a professional person who needed to learn french quickly to do my business in France. I have had 2 intensive courses with Gaëlle, and stayed at the excellent Belle Vallée, and, not only did my French improve by an incredible degree, but it was also a very enjoyable mini break both times. I think it is nearly impossible to speak french quickly without this type of tuition .” Jennifer, France - Intensive courses

“As one of Gaëlle's first students, I have no hesitation in recommending her tutorials to anyone who wants to understand and be understood in the French language. Her approach is geared to the individual's requirements and abilities and lessons are structured and professional while maintaining an informal, friendly atmosphere which makes learning the language a rewarding and pleasurable experience.” Rosermary, Saint Bomer-les-Forges, 61 - One to one lessons

“A friendly, well structured way to learn your new language” David & Linda, Saint Martin des Landes, 61 - Group Rânes

“I would recommend Gaëlle's lessons to anyone wanting to learn French or progress with their French.She helps you learn to speak French correctly, whilst making the lesson both fun and informative. She is an excellent teacher! ”
Denise Blundell, Lonlay L'Abbaye, 61 - Group Lonlay

“Madame Gaelle Napoleon has been my French teacher for the last 10 months on a weekly basis during this period. On starting I could only remember six words in French from my old school lessons aged 12yrs, which is an extremely long time ago. My progress has been due to a one to one lesson where there is the ability to go at my own pace and understanding. Gaelle shows such empathy when I feel that I cannot do it and manages to persuade you otherwise and give you the spree you need to continue. I am now able to understand what those around me are saying and can translate what is written which makes such a difference to living here.”
Wendy, Saint Christophe de Chaulieu, 61
One to one lesson 

“I was always nervous in joining a large group. I take my lessons with a friend. This style of learning suits me perfectly. Gaëlle's determination and encouragement has improved my confidence. You need to work hard, but it is certainly worth it. Lessons are varied and interesting with topics such as, everyday conversation, French traditions and even politics if you are interested. I would certainly recommend you try French lessons with Gaëlle.” Lesley, Torchamp, 61 - One to one lesson 

“Some of the feelings that I had for our intensive course were : I felt slightly nervous on the first day as I did not know what I had let myself in for and as Gaëlle had stated that it was “total immersion in French” I was slightly worried I may have been out of my depth, however she quickly reassured me that French would be the main language used, however she would not allow me to struggle. True to her word, Gaëlle inspired me and was a very astute in helping me choose the content to work with and the aspects I should concentrate on to improve. There was a nice mixture of written and spoken language and I found the amount of work well balanced between formal ‘classroom’ learning and informal situations – such as talking during a very enjoyable lunch, ordering food at the Delicatessen, cooking a French dish, tasting cheeses from around France, learning about the different areas of France and even some role-play to practice specific topics. This type of contact gave a lot of interesting information beyond the actual formal learning which has given me more confidence in social situations. As the topics contained in the course were flexible, Gaëlle was able to structure the learning to my needs. She made me feel as though I was progressing and was not afraid to correct me if needed, however was also very fair with her compliments and boosting confidence. I will definitely continue to improve with her help. Many thanks for your patience! ”  Carole Vernon Jones, Wales  -  Intensive individual course